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Supplier Perspective

PackPartners International in figures:

· 5 members

· 200 mln € sales turnover in 2005

· 500 employees

· 10 packcentres in Europe

· Logistic warehouses in the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Great Britain and Switzerland.

Supplier objectives:

Many companies are continuously searching for new suppliers. Supplier are always looking for new business and additional turnover. With Pack Partners International the two parties will find each other more effectively.

Compared to supplier directories and search engines, where you have to wait for buyers to contact you, PPI enables the “PPI suppliers” to take the initiative. For example with the PPI sourcing process called “PPI tenders”.

Supplier opportunities:

· Sales based on aggregated volume -

· Become a preferred supplier

· Growth potential through new customers via PPI

· European customers

· Communication and negotiation with one partner

· Integrity of decision making by revised offering structure,

· Use of new tools ;online -RfI,-RfQ, - auctions with preferred suppliers

· Focus on business-awarding based on professional supplier performance

· Knowledge sharing

· Sharing of best practices

PPI Tenders:

Supplier selection is about choosing a partner with whom our members will be effectively living with for the coming period.

PPI is well practiced in dealing with vendors and is able to develop and issue tenders that will facilitate and accelerate the sourcing process.

PPI Tenders benefits:

· Solicit proposals to better facilitate a comprehensive and objective evaluation

· Reduce ambiguity in the vendor's response through attention to detail

· Facilitate a quicker negotiation phase

You can scan the open calls for tenders for those that fit your profile and abilities best and concentrate then on winning these contracts.

PPI facilitates that the member engages closely and constantly with the potential supplier(s), and builds a robust working relationship with the one(s) chosen. Good relationships are benchmarked from time to time.

Our address

PackPartners International
Luchthavenweg 81-130A
Telefoon: +31 40 2558050
Fax: +31 40 2558051